Media are brainwashing you

Media_news_logos., December, 31st, 2018, jpgWhen I read papers on the Middle-East, I am shocked by their misunderstanding of the situation.Here is a French article on Assad:

They say again that Assad is a good guy to govern with: of course, they don’t know the genocide and crimes against humanity he is responsible for.

Reading this makes me really ill. There is not a single word about the ground situation, that we know by  the Syrian Opposition, wich means the Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Their reports are reliable, because they come from the ground.

Western media are biased: they have the power in our society ; we are all connected to the internet, we all look to the TV, and we can believe what they say because we live, precisely, in the West, not in Syria, nor in Iraq or in any country of the Middle-East.

In this very situation, we have to think by ourselves, because believing the media is like following a blind man.

Remember always the analysis of Noam Chomsky on the power of media, in Who Rules the World?

This analysis gives you a critical mind.

If you don’t, you let media direct your thought: and media are brainwashing you.

Can you really believe that Assad is a good guy? Do you ignore all the crimes against humanity and the genocide he is responsible for?

If you know them and believe the media, really, media have brainwashed you.