I am fed up of the confusing between Islam and Islamism

I am really fed up of the confusing between Islam and Islamism wich is made by media: you

cannot read a paper nor looking at the TV without reading nor hearing about terrorist attacks and murders.

So, let’s analyse the difference between Islam and Islamism. Islam is a religion, as Christianism and Jewish faith. Islamism is an extremist branch, with a political stake.

As a Muslim myself, I cannot bear the idea of killing somebody: I am someone who pray, go the mosque on Friday, and I will never kill somebody.

Islamism is an extremism wich finds its roots in the political field: we can see this with the Muslim Brotherhoods in Egypt.

Nowadays, with the actual events in the Middle-East, it shapes ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Lebanese Hezbollah, all terrorist movements.

It gives its strength to radicalization, in Western countries such as France; it fascinates¬† poor people , without a job, or a precarious one, without ideal, because society has rejected them. Islamists give them an ideal to live with, and these are of the roots of radicalization; individuals like them are susceptible to commit a terrorist attack in the name of Islam, because they don’t know it really.

In the actual Middle-East, Islamism supports dictatorships, like the Iranian one. The Mullahs took power in 1979 in the name of religion, and Iran is a religious dictatorship directed by extremists. The opponents want to topple this regime based on Islamism, and establish a democracy where freedom of faith will be guaranteed. Even if the Shia religion is the main one in Iran, the opponents want to separate the Religion and the State, wich would be a great progress in the History of this country since 1979.

As ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Hezbollah, we know they are important stakes on the ground in Syria, for instance, because the Free Syrian Army has to fight both the Assad Regime and these religious enemies.

We see they are fundamental elements in the political field of the Middle-East nowadays, because Islamists have destroyed all the progress made by the people since 2011.

It is ISIS versus the populations who want democracy, and upraised for this in 2011.

But the public opinion remembers elder events , wich didn’t happen in the Middle-East: 9/11, for example, commanded by Al Qaeda will be remembered for ever.

And the remembrance of this event is , for media, the occasion to confuse Islam and Islamism.

Don’t believe media: they diffuse propaganda about a topic they don’t know.

About Islam, media are brainwashing you.

Believe me, there is an immense difference between someone who pray, go the mosque, and the terrorist groups formed on Islam with a political objective, which is to conquer the power.

Syrians are now fighting against ISIS.

Raif Badawi is in jail because he dared speak his mind in a country ruled by the Sharia.

Shawkan is imprisoned because he took photos of the Egyptian uprising of 2011, and now Egypt is directed  by Extremists.

In their own homeland, people are fighting Islamism, because they do know what it is.

We, who live in the West, do not have this ground knowledge; we have only the prejudices that media give us.U.S. Troops Battle Rising Insurgency In Iraq

These prejudices of media are brainwashing: think by yourself, don’t believe them.

Remember Noam Chomsky’s Who Rules The World?¬†