DACA partisans versus Trump

One of the aspects of Trump ‘s policy is to break the American immigration .In his promises, the country should be fully American: immigrants and refugees should be ousted.The DREAM act, voted by the precedent administration , would be repelled.


One of the most shocking is repelling the DACA, which is a protection for isolated children who sought asylum in the USA.

These two measures are largely contested, by many protesters.DACA not criminals

Partisans of the DACA and of the DREAM act share the same ideal: a welcoming America.

The term DREAMER has the sense of a high opposition to Trump’s policy: it includes the resistance to the repelling of DACA.

These protests are generally repressed , which is a violation of the First Amendment: everyone can express his thoughts.

The chant  “I am a DREAMER ” expresses the refusal to Trump’s isolationism .