Aleppo: the death of a city?

Aleppo, the besieged town, seems now doomed.Civilians flee the city.

The reason which led them to this decision is the awful fate of the town, abandoned by the world, except the activists and the NGOs.First, it was bombed by the Assad/Putin coalition; then, besieged. The part liberated by the Free Syrian Army obtained some supplies, but it was insufficient to feed a whole family.Electricity and water were cut, and they were no more doctors.

East Aleppo was free, so civilians who had still force fled to this part of the town. But Assad made them prisoners.

On solidarity with the difficulties of the civilians, the hashtag # WeStandWithAleppo was active in the two last weeks of November.Activists tweeted in favor of them. On the other hand, inhabitants kept the link with the world, such as little Bana, or this man, who recorded a live testimony, under hunger strike.

Now, life is so difficult that they flee : pictures of civilians with so little in their hands, and so much pain in their heart.

Will Aleppo survive? Mind the word: survive, not live.


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