Remove Trump NOW

Remove Trump NOW.

He has been impeached twice, and I hope that the Senate will remove him from office. He is the first President of the United States who has been impeached TWICE: so, he must be removed from office. He has  no more place in the White House, because he is unfit to serve; moreover, he had a criminal behavior on January, 6th, for supporting the rioters who broke the Capitol.

He must be held accountable  for the Capitol Invasion of January, 6th, for Incitement of Insurrection.

As I am writing these very few lines, I know that there are many protests to remove him NOW.

I am happy that all social networks have blocked his account; however, Fox News can make propaganda in his favor, in his last days.

Of course ,whatever happens, his presidency will end in few days, on January 20th, when Joe Biden is sworn in .But if Trump is not removed, he cannot  be held responsible before Congress  for  all his delicts: the 2016 election, which led to his first impeachment, the fact that he never paid his taxes, his racism, and, for me, his foreign policy towards the Middle East.

So, although I am not American, I am a strong supporter of this idea: REMOVE TRUMP NOW.

As a human rights activist, this post is my protest .


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