Impeachment or 25th Amendment ?

Impeachment or 25th Amendment? In the US opinion, the debate is now open.

It comes after the Capitol Invasion on January 6th by Trump’s rioters.

President-elect Joe Biden does not support the 25th Amendment:

For non-American readers, let’s precise that the 25th Amendment to the Constitution allows to remove the President if he is unfit to be President, or if there is a vacancy of power; in these cases, the Vice-President becomes President.

It is clear now that Trump is unfit, since he encouraged  the rioters and gave them reason. Trump’s supporters violated the sanctuary of the American democracy.

By this behavior, Trump is now responsible for the Capitol Invasion. So, he can be impeached (AGAIN!) or removed .

As there are many videos of the riot, the rioters and Trump himself can be under investigation.  The FBI can analyze the footages to begin the investigation and  the inquiry for the Impeachment or the removal of Trump.

Trump has been impeached once, but he didn’t resign, unlike Nixon. If the President is impeached twice, will he resign ?

Most Democrats are in favor of the 25th Amendment, to remove Trump NOW, before January 20th, when Biden is sworn in as President. And  Trump  has been removed, yet, of all social networks: Twitter, Facebook, and Google banned him, so he can no more do propaganda for murder as he did last days.

Although I am not American , I am in favor of  the 25th Amendment, too. I am fed up of his Presidency: the Mexican Wall, the Muslim Ban (I am Muslim), his racism and violence towards people of color , his economical policy, his politics towards Iran and the Middle-East.

I am happy that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in soon. I hope it is the end of the reign of violence and racism.

To conclude , the Capitol Invasion by Trump’s supporters is only the sum of a violence which began in 2016. His ban of social networks is really a good thing.


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