The new US presidency and human rights

What President Biden and VP Harris will change for human rights? The question is important, after Trump ‘s presidency.

Under Trump’s presidency, the DACA program, a fundament of  immigration, was but a word; we all remember his policy to put children in cages, and the Muslim Ban. Moreover, he was a war mongered. His foreign policy towards the Middle East is known by his support to Israel, by making of Jerusalem the Capital of this country, despite international and Palestinian protests.

On the other hand, Joe Biden, when candidate, promised to abolish the Muslim Ban , to defund the military at the Mexican border, where the Wall is built. He promised, too, to make of DACA and health care important points of his policy. In the USA themselves, we can hope that he defund the police, who shot Black people with Trump’s agreement.

Looking for his foreign policy, it is sure that the USA will remain an ally to Israel . He will not go back to the Oslo Agreements, and support the Two-States solution. For Palestinians, it will be a disappointment . In Syria, it will be the same, as in many countries of the region. But Iran is looking for  change, for the Obama policy on the Iran Deal, abolished by Trump.

In conclusion, his foreign policy will not be a change for human rights. But in the country itself, his promise to make of the Covid-19 vaccine a FREE one is a fundamental progress, when  we know the high prices of drugs in the USA. If he reverse, too, Trump’s policy on healthcare and immigration, it will change many important values for human rights: they will progress with evidence.

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