Black lives matter

Black lives matter.Black-Lives-Matter-protest, June, 7th, 2020

Today, I want to speak out against racism . In the USA , in France, everywhere, the police are violent and kill people of color.

In the USA, some days ago, they were responsible for the murder of George Floyd. Now, the world says his name; we say : “I can’t breathe”. In this case, Trump is the real murderer: the US police have weapons to kill, not to protect.

Because Trump is racist, because he has been unfit to govern, I do think he must resign. I miss President Obama, and hope that the next President is a Democrat; for the same reason, I support his wife, or Kamala Harris, as V P. They both are progressive for me; moreover, they are women , and people of color. It is important to fight Trump’s racism.booba-rejoint-la-manifestation-black-lives-matter-, June, 7th,2020

Although I live in Europe, I write these few lines because the police are racist, too, in France.

As a consequence, in Paris, people demonstrate in memory of  Adama Traoré, who was killed by the violence of the French police. In  these protests, the demonstrators support the ” Black Lives Matter” movement: they denounce racism. Today,  they say ” I can’t breathe”, in memory of George Floyd . You can find here a photo of a Parisian protest: Black lives matter protest Paris, France 24, June, 7th, 2020

I apologize towards my readers : this post is very short. But I have dedicated this blog to human rights, to raise awareness against their violations.

As many people, I have signed the petition of Amnesty International to denounce Trump’s violence and the death of George Floyd.

With few words, I say NO to racism. I say: Black lives matter.france-assassin-blackLiveMatters-paris, June, 7th, 2020


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