Requiem for NYC

I have chosen this title as a provocation and a protest before Trump ‘s mismanagement of the coronavirus in NY City.

We all know now that Trump and his team were unable to address the crisis of COVID-19 in NYC.

The death tolls are very high, according to the importance of the town.

Because most American workers don’t have paid leave and a good health insurance, inhabitants of NYC were forced to continue their job, despite the, NYPost, May, 12th, 2020

On social networks, pictures  and videos of the corpses went viral these last times.

Because Trump has suppressed Obama Care , and most of Medicare, he is responsible for thousands of deaths.Deaths by coronavirus in NYC, April, 25th, 2020

This is a very short post, but I write it, as usual, against Trump’s policy. He has proven once more that he is absolutely unfit to be President of the USA.

As a citizen of a country where paid leave is guaranteed, and the cost of medication paid back by the State, I speak out before Trump’s unfitness to address the coronavirus in the USA.  New York City is just an example of it, because it is crowded: social distancing was impossible.

Although I am not American, I endorse Bernie Sanders’s proposals, because I think they are very progressive, like FDR’one  in the 40th.

To sum up, I sincerely think that the only solution to abolish the policy of Trump during his Presidency is to vote him out for a progressive candidate.

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