Stop the Syrian genocide

Four days ago, two accomplices of Assad, responsible for torture, had been judged in Germany: it is a good new, but I think it must be only the beginning in judging Assad’s crimes. I do think that Assad and all those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity and  war crimes must be sent to the ICC.Syria First trial in Germany of 2 responsibles for torture, Le Parisien, May, 3d, 2020

Since 2011, Assad is exterminating his own people, by chemicals , by torture, by enforced disappearance, and by starvation.bashar_al_assad__wanted__dead_or_alive_by_deviantart, cartoon, May, 3d, 2020

Human Rights Watch has documented all his crimes; Syrian organizations, such as the Syrian Network for Human Rights, do the same. Their reports are  a sufficient proof : we cannot read them, and stay indifferent.Syria_ Attacks on Ghouta by chemicals, HRW,September 2013

Unlike this, amidst the crisis of coronavirus, all human rights watchdogs are counting the deads of the pandemic in refugees camps:COVID 19 and human rights, HRW in effect, all the hospitals have been bombed since a while; at that time, the hashtag #Not A Target was viral on Twitter. Now, Assad, Putin and Iran shell daily the country in a perfect indifference. Meanwhile, the White Helmets continue to save lives, as they do since their creation.

But Assad and all the responsible for this genocide must be judged for their crimes. The responsible include his family, Russia, and Iran.Putin-and-Assad, May, 3d, 2020

The Baath party is the tool of crimes against humanity since Assad’s father took the power in Syria.Russia_Syria_Family_tree_, May, 3d, 2020

The Revolution continues, and it must not be forgotten. Four accomplices of Bashar Al Assad are not enough: ALL must be sent to the ICC for their crimes.

At a time when we remember his shelling in 2013,No One’s Left, Syria, HRW, May, 2nd, 2013 and when we are praising the White Helmets because they are the only rescue of Syrians, in this month of Ramadan, we must stand by the Syrian Opposition and the Syrian population.

I have written many posts to say that I want Assad to the ICC.

Today, I add this one because Assad is going on in his genocide. The only solution to stop him is , in effect, to send him to the ICC for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.

The Caesar Act, named after the Caesar Report,  must enter in effect.

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