Germany blacklists Hezbollah

Yesterday, on April, 30, Germany blacklisted Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.Merkel bans Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, May, 1st, 2020

All the mosques and places occupied and managed by the Lebanese Hezbollah were closed by the police: raids have been conducted against them.Germany bans Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, The Berlin Spectator, May, 1st, 2020

Germany bans Hezbollah, BBC News, May, 1st, 2020

The German decision has been globally approved, and Lebanon said that all world leaders have to follow it.

In effect, since the beginning of the protests in Lebanon, people demonstrate against the power of Hezbollah in the country.will-a-new-government-end-unrest-in-lebanon., Post of Asia, November, 17th, 2019, jpg Since the end of the Civil War, Hezbollah is one of the more powerful leaders of the country.

Its terrorist attacks are well-known: it is backed-up by Iran, and, as Iran itself, is responsible for war crimes in Syria.

Civilians taken in hostages by ISIS in Syria are now in their homeland, under the German initiative.

AsĀ  a supporter of human rights in Syria , and in the Middle-East in general, I am very happy of the German decision.

I have written posts in favor of the Lebanese protests which began in October, and, of course, against the Syrian and Iranian Regimes. The Hezbollah shares the responsibility for their crimes, since a while. The city of Homs has been shelled by it.Homs bombed by Hezbollah, May, 1st, 2020

To sum up, the blacklisting of Hezbollah by Germany is a light of hope, against terrorism in the Middle-East.

And I agree that all leaders must follow Germany .

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