Free Raif Badawi

The calls to free Raif Badawi have disappeared recently; precisely, since the abolition of death penalty and flogging for minors in Saudi Arabia.

But, yes, it is for minors, and ONLY for them.RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA   OCTOBER 14, 2019: Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al Saud at a ceremony to sign

Adults, like Raif Badawi, shall not be forgotten.

His wife called for a continued fight  in favor of her husband.

Really, since two days, protests and tweets  against his flogging have disappeared; but he remains in Saudi jails.

I have signed all the petitions in favor of his freedom, and written many posts for him.

But this one is special: it is against the indifference for his fate.

As a human rights activist, I think it is a good new that minors are no more imprisoned nor flogged. But Saudi Arabia must abolish prison and lashes for  ADULTS, too.

There are still many opponents in Saudi prisons.Protest for Saudi opponents, April, 29th, 2020

And Raif Badawi is one of them, only for blogging.Raif Badawi, 5 years of jail for blogging, December, 23, 2018,

This photo is dated of 2018. The fight must going on.

The right to free speech  must be guaranteed for all, in all countries.

Today I write for Raif Badawi, and against the disappearance of protests in favor of his liberation.

We are still aware of his fate. Free Raif Badawi and other Saudi opponents.

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