Yemen: Houthis and separatism

Houthis in Yemen have  recently claimed the separation of the South of the country .Yemen Civil War II


The cease-fire  signed by  Saudi Arabia has been violated by this last one; as most of the cease-fires in the Yemeni War, it was very brief.

We all know that the Yemeni War, begun in 2015, is without end.

Until now, the world has forgotten it. But this event is making head-lines in the news, despite the COVID-19.Yemen war separatists declare autonomous in South, BBC, April, 26th, 2020

Really, it is known that Yemen is composed of two parts: the Northern one, and the Southern one.

But from the beginning of the war until now, only humanitarian NGOS, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, have warmed of the humanitarian disaster and violations of human rights.

There have been many petitions against the selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia, the wealthiest country. In effect, this war is a conflict led by a wealthy land against the poorest of the world, and a proxy one between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The fact that the Houthis have claimed a separation of the South is not a good new for all human rights activists.

It adds  a difficulty in a country and a war which are complex: since 2015, starvation is killing in Yemen, as well as arms.

Yemens-bloody-crisis-is-further-complicated-by-the-country-to-the-south-was-declared-a-self-governing-region, April, 26th, 2020Only the UNICEF is collecting food for the population, but in most cases it is hijacked by the Houthis.

According to Human Rights Watch, these last ones are responsible for war crimes in Yemen.  A truce had been formed between them and the government in Sanaa, the capital, but it was precarious.

As there is no reliable information, save by NGOs, this separation in the South cannot still be analyzed.

But for the Yemeni population, it is certain that it will add to starvation; moreover, Yemen is now infected by the coronavirus. It was the last of the Arab countries to be, but now the pandemic is present.

I have written many posts on Yemen, even when it was forgotten; this is just an update to share with my readers. However, maps show that Saudi Arabia is controling  a large part of the territory.



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