Trump and coronavirus

As most leaders don’t have an aggressive policy towards the COVID-19, Trump is absolutely unfit to save Americans’ lives.
Since the beginning of his Presidency, he has shown that he is unfit to be President.
But facing the coronavirus, he is responsible for murdering people because of his behavior.
First, he fired Dr Fauci, who had the more Scientific ideas on the pandemic .
But his recent idea to treat COVID-19 with injections of disinfectant has killed many of American citizens.
Most of them are in NYC , because there is no social distancing in this town.Deaths by coronavirus in NYC, April, 25th, 2020

Only Democrats are for this , and to make health care mandatory with Social Security and Medicare for all.50000 deaths in the USA because of COVID 19, says Obama, April, 25th, 2020
Although I am not American, the 2020 elections matter to me, because Republicans are war mongerers, especially in the Middle-East.
And I sincerely think that Trump is the worst President of the USA since Nixon.trump_nixon, Alternet, September, 25th, 2019,
But unlike Nixon, who resigned after his impeachment, Trump is still President .
Until the results of the elections, he still has time for his disastrous policy.
Moreover, concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, he is , yet, responsible for a humanitarian disaster: this is a real murder.
The idea to use disinfectant as a medicine is only the straw that broke the camel’s back .
Hopefully, citizens protest against it.donald-trump-hotel-washington-dc-coronavirus-protest, Newsweek, April, 25th, 2020

And they do, too,because there is no social distancing, even in elections. In Wisconsin, for example, people were obliged to vote in person, not by mail, and there was not enough distance between them. According to the WHO, the distance between two persons shall be large .
To sum up, disinfectant is only for soil and house cleaning , not for people, and has never been a vaccine against coronavirus. By this practice, Trump is once more time responsible for thousands of deaths.


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