Coronavirus and human rights

I have not updated my blog since a while, because Coronavirus is taking the place of human rights in the news.

I am not a specialist of health, but a human rights activist, who support Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

As a consequence, Coronavirus is not my topic, save when it harms human rights.Blogging, April, 24th, 2020,

And I write today, because I think that all leaders have taken measures which are a danger for human rights: in the USA, no social distancing, and deaths in big cities such as NYC. Trump is responsible for a humanitarian disaster in this land.

Unlike this, in all other countries, the confinement is closed to a curfew. All stores are closed;  even doctors are no more accessible.  The right to travel freely is suppressed.

In many territories, the curfew has been voted: it is the case in Hungary, where all powers had been given without limit of time to the government; so, Hungary is no more a democracy.Hungary emergency Law, March 2020,

In Egypt, too, a curfew has been voted, since 6 PM to 7 AM.  In other countries, there is no mean to access medicines, except by NGOs. It is the case of Syria, of Iraq, and of other territories of the Middle-East. In Iran, the virus kills because of the inefficiency of the Mullahs Regime.

This country is particularly affected by the COVID-19.

It is the case, too, in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where prisons are overcrowded.

I do raise my voice against these violations of human rights.Coronavirus in Syrian prisons, Republic World, April, 4th, 2020,

Even in Western democracies, journalists are no more free to do their job, because of the limitations imposed by the different governments: it happens in Italy.

For more information, you can read the rapport of Human Rights Watch,COVID 19 and human rights, HRW and sign the petitions of Amnesty to free the prisoners in Iran and Saudi Arabia. The best thing you can do is following these two accounts, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch , on social networks : you will have relevant information, and can act in favor of human rights.

Yes, coronavirus kills, too, human rights.



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