Coronavirus in Assad’s prisons

As everyone is focused on the pandemic of coronavirus, this one kills in Assad’s prisons.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights issued a report on the arbitrary arrests in March, 2020; most of them  are arrested without arrest warrant, and now the virus is spreading in overcrowded prisons. Here is their report in English: At_least_156_cases_of_arbitrary_arrests_in_Syria_in_March_2020_en

We must not forget Syrian prisoners amidst the crisis of COVID-19. Assad ‘s crimes kill as much as the virus in Syria since 2011: the virus is just one more way to kill.Coronavirus in Syrian prisons, Republic World, April, 4th, 2020,

The medical crisis is not addressed in Syria, even by organizations such as Doctors Without Borders in refugees camps: this, because the Syrian Regime hijacks Western help.

Moreover, the whole world is no more interested in the case of Syrian prisoners. Because of the coronavirus, we have forgotten them.

And this is a violation of human rights. Against this silence, I raise my voice.

In this very short post, I want to recall that many prisoners remain  in Assad’s prisons. Now, the coronavirus is killing them in an absolute indifference.

The coronavirus is now present in Syria:Syria War map as on April, 4th, 2020,

in camps such as Al Rukban, in towns such as Idlib. This is a map of the war in Syria, updated on April, 3d, 2020.

In prisons, it is spreading very quicly.

To sum up, I think that Assad kills as a virus.

If you agree, share this post for Syrian prisoners.

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