Europe is closing its borders because of Coronavirus

As the coronavirus is spreading worldwide, Europe is closing its borders, even INSIDE itself.

All airports are now closed, and the FREE Schengen space no more exists.

In France, for instance, the two main Parisian airports are closed because of the COVID-19. Roissy , the international one, was the first to close: this means that you can no longer leave the French territory. But now Orly is closed, too: this, because of the mandatory confinment. The “stay-at-home”  decision has for consequence that you cannot go from a town to another one.

The closing of the European frontiers has serious consequences: first, for European citizens, who cannot move from a country to another one; but secondly, for people living OUTSIDE Europe.coronavirus-map-, NYT, March, 27th, 2020, png

As a human rights activist and defender, I know that all refugees are blocked by the Frontex Agency; this one has been created to protect Europe from illegal immigration. But nowadays, I consider as a moral and human duty to welcome refugees.

Refugees, particularly those of the Middle-East, need to live in a safe place, not amid wars they flee .And people from poor countries must have access to water, soap, to protect themselves from the Coronavirus.

Even in Europe, the hydro alcoholic lotion and masks are lacking to protect the population. Only medical  staffs, such as doctors and nurses, have masks; people don’t. But we have water and soap to wash our hands, measure which is good, according to the WHO. In poor territories, many people don’t have access to this protection.boy_washes_hands_bangladesh_international_rescue_committee, March, 27th, 2020


Moreover, we can’t let people die in their homeland from the COVID-19.

Now, more and more countries are affected by the pandemic. In the Middle-East, Syria, Refugees and Coronavirus, NYT, March, 27th, 2020,Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia ,Iran,  have the pandemic inside their territory; according to the  WHO, Yemen is still free of it:Yemen is free of coronavirus, WHO, March, 27th, 2020, , jpg

but for how long? UNICEF calls on Libya to stop hostilities,March, 27th, 2020

This photo is property of the UNICEF, and is about Libya: the organization calls on authorities to stop the war because of the pandemic.

We all know that in Syria, people live in refugees camps, and are lacking of everything. In Iran, the Mullahs Regime is unable to address the crisis. Iranians die in streets, not in hospitals.

So, closing our borders to refugees is a shame on our conscience. Even in Europe, leaders cannot manage this pandemic .I think that they have closed the borders in a time of panic.

And now, everyone stay at home, looking on videos on You Tube or reading free books. When they want news, if they read breaking news, this one is creating panic, because the internet is full of fake ones ; it is worse on social networks, especially Facebook. As they think that they will be soon unable to eat , they are not ready to welcome foreigners.

Frontex is not the only one to look at our frontiers . Now the Army is , too, because the war against the terrorist threat is amid the governments policy.

As for me, I will never see refugees as terrorists; and I do think that we must welcome people who flee war or poverty.

In this post, I raise my voice in favor of them.

My conclusion is: refugees welcome, despite the Coronavirus, because we  have access to health care, and can share it.

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