The Syrian Revolution enters its 10th year

Today, on March, 15th, 2020, the Syrian Revolution enters its 10th year.

I write this post as the Revolution is forgotten by the pandemic of coronavirus, which makes the breaking news.

But the 9th birthday of the Syrian Revolution matters to me. It  is the reason why I write today.9 years of the Syrian Revolution,, March, 15th, 2020,

However, I am sorry to have a post about refugees and nine years of a genocide by Assad and his accomplices.9 years of the Syrian Revolution, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, March, 15th, 2020,

In effect, Syrians are now fleeing their homeland because of the constant bombing: they are , as in 2015, trapped in precarious  refugees camps.refugiados-sirios-deir-zoor-campo-hawl-siria-marzo-del-2020, Archyde, March, 15th, 2020, jpg It is a shame on Europe to refuse them the right to asylum. Greek authorities have closed their  frontier with other European countries. Lebanon is the border land which welcomes most refugees, in hard conditions.concern Lebanon-emergency-response-housing-shelter-syrian-support, Concern Worldwide, March, 15th, 2020,

Despite this crisis, the spirit of the 2011 Revolution is still alive in Syria. In Idlib and its governorate, the last nest of the Resistance to Assad, the Free Syrian Army and the White Helmets fight day after day the shelling by the Syrian Army and by Russia.Assad shells White Helmet center in Aleppo, November, 6th, 2019, jpg

If you are , as me, a supporter of this Revolution, you can follow them on Twitter; I do.

As often, this is an activism post. I can’t stand the global indifference facing the situation in Syria. We, who live in wealthy and peaceful countries , ignore Syrians because of breaking news. This is shameful.

Yes, it is, because this 9th birthday is an anniversary of nine years of bombing, enforced disappearance, torture, starvation, and an important refugees crisis. Since 2014, the UN has ceased to count the deaths . The Syrian Network for Human Rights is the only reliable source of information on Assad’s crimes against humanity. So, I invite you to read their reports; you can subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social networks.

I remember having written last year on the  anniversary of the Syrian Revolution. I wrote about war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. This year, nothing has changed.

The most important events are the fact that refugees are refused by Europe, as in 2015. The only difference is the Turkish decision to open its border with Greece, and to support the Syrian Resistance. Turkish planes crash those which fall on Syrian civilians; moreover, Turkish drones are efficient against Russian and Syrian planes: neither Assad nor Putin seem to have drones. I am very happy of this support to the Syrian Revolution.

And at a time when the whole world is focused on the pandemic of coronavirus, we can add that the disease is now in Syria. But is will be a mass killer in a country where all hospitals have been bombed and destroyed since years.

However, the real mass killers, ten years after 2011, are dictators like Assad , Putin, and the Iranian regime.

To sum up, I think that forgetting the Syrian Revolution and its actual events is complicity with the genocide undertook by Assad against his own people. And I write this post to raise my voice in favor of the Syrian Resistance and  for Syrian refugees.

The Revolution continues.Flag_of_Syria_2011,_observed.svg

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