Coronavirus and Trump’s travel ban

At a time when the internet and social networks are full of fake news about the coronavirus, Trump is expanding his travel ban to the US territory because of it.San Francisco Airport Observation Deck

The famous “Muslim Ban” is now very unpopular among the American people, who feel ready to welcome asylum-seekers.

Meanwhile, as the coronavirus is spreading both in Europe and in the Middle-East, Trump has decided an expanded “travel ban” to European  countries. This policy is  based on the fear of refugees coming from Greece. Moreover, the USA are not ready to pay for ill people without insurance. This last point is at stakes of the Primaries, especially among the Democratic Party: as usual,  the GOP are the party of the 1°/°.

This measure is a clear disaster for the American economy. Wall Street is loosing because of this ban; and the middle-class is lacking of care , facing the pandemic.

In Europe, there is, too, an hysteria of fear in the population: the closing of the US border  is not alone in this fear.

Because of the lack of products to prevent the coronavirus, such as alcoholic lotion and masks, many European countries have decided a quarantine. The first one  is Italy, where  the  coronavirus is important, according to  data.covid_percentage., Mother Jones, March, 12th, 2020, jpg

In France, retirement houses and schools are now closed; people are panicking, and the supermakets are empty of basic goods.

In all these facts, we can see that no government can manage the  new disease with efficiency. The fake news of social networks, especially Facebook, are the source of information of most people; and no  land has adopted a policy consisting in curing the ill ones.

Closing the borders, in particular to migrants, is not a solution. Europe is now in a diplomatical conflict with Turkey because of the situation in Greece, where refugees are seeking  asylum.

As a consequence, Trump has inforced his Muslim Ban. I think his racism is founding his second electoral campaign; alas, facing the Democratic candidates of the primaries, it works: his tweets are liked on the issue.

This, when specialists are aggressively  looking for a vaccine.

As far as I am concerned, I agree with American protesters who denounce this extended travel ban.Refugees Welcome banner, Oxfam America, March, 12th, 2020, jpg.jpg

We, all wealthy lands, must be a beacon for refugees.

When we think of the situation in Iran, where people die because of lack of medicines, or this of Syrians  trapped in Greece, closing the borders is not a solution; it is inhumane. Coronavirus in MENA, March, 12th, 2020, jpg

Unlike this, organization facing the new crisis IS the solution; but nobody  is ready to open hospitals, and provide healthcare to the whole population.


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