Why I support Bernie Sanders

The American elections are very important for the whole world, and especially for the Middle-East.

So, I seriously hope a defeat of the GOP , and I support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

In effect, it seems to me that he is the most progressive candidate. He would be a very good President of the USA, unlike Trump.

As a foreigner,I know that many Americans disagree with him, and try to disqualify him by the word “socialist”: this one still sounds as a reminder of the Cold War for the elder. Among the Republicans, some  compare him with  Trump on the point of the relationship with Russia.

But Bernie Sanders has nothing to do with the “socialism” of the former USSR.

Unlike this, it is very progressive to want to cancel the Student Debt, make higher education free, and support Medicare and Medicaid.

For this reasons, his movement is strong among  young people, low-income workers, and also Latinos, Muslims, and people of color. Recently, he promised to make free a future vaccine against the coronavirus.Bernie Sanders in Flint, March, 9th, 2020,

When we think of the high price of medicines in the USA, it is a very good thing.

Concerning the support of people of color, it is normal, because he endorsed the Civil Rights Fight of the 60es. Activists, such as Jesse Jackson, support him.Activist Jesse Jackson endorses Bernie Sanders, The NYT, March, 9th, 2020, .jpg

And Muslims can be happy of his foreign policy: in effect, he promised to reverse Trump’s disastrous “Deal of the Century” in Palestine. In one of his famous discourses, he told that he was Jewish, but wished a better policy with Israel, a more progressive one. Bernie Sanders and Muslims in Michigan, Politico, March, 9th, 2020, .jpg

In effect, Trump’s decision to move the US embassy in Jerusalem, and make Jerusalem the Capital of Israel,  is a disaster for the peace in the Middle-East. The recent “Deal of the Century” is adding fire on fire, from my point of view.

Moreover, Trump’s Muslim Ban is very unpopular among most Americans. Bernie Sanders supports refugees.

For all of these reasons, I think that he will be  a very good President of the USA.

And as far as his age is concerned , he seems to be a man of experience. However he is old, he knew the Vietnam War, and Nixon’s Resignation.

It is time to put healthcare and free  University studies before the endless wars of the USA; time to end the Afghan and Iraqi Wars, which are costly from all points of views: costly in dollars, but also in lives.

This is not “socialism”. As a European, I was a student  when fell the Berlin Wall: I can remember very well the enthusiasm of people at that time, at the end of the USSR.

So, in conclusion , it is not possible to call  Bernie Sanders a “socialist”. He is a progressive. After four years of Trump, he can fix the disasters of this one.

Being the President of the people, not of the billionnaires, seems to me a necessity in these times. This is why I support Bernie Sanders.



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