Syrian refugees at the European border

Syrian refugees are blocked at the European border, after the Turkish decision to close its frontier with Greece.

The European Agency for Migrations (FRONTEX)  has closed the European territory. Hungary , which is a border country to Greece, has closed in emergency its  own one: this is contrary to the principle of FREE crossing and movements inside Europe; it is , too, to the European Agreements on Refugees.

In effect, Europe has signed the Convention on Refugees, which establishes that refugees are welcome in the EU.

Unlike this, Syrian migrants, who flee the war in their homeland, are refused by the Greek police at the Turkish/ Greek border. Moreover, the police forces send teargaz to the refugees, and block the access to by sea.Turkeygreece clash at the border, Texarkana Gazette, March, 8th, 2020, .jpg

Greece refuses refugees, The NYT, March, 8th, 2020, , jpg.jpg

Of  course, as a human rights activist, I raise my voice for refugees.

As often, this post is an activism one.

I do think that all refugees must be welcome. I am happy not to be the only one: in the UK, for instance, some protesters demonstrate outside the Greek embassy.Refugees Welcome,  UK Protest outside  Greek embassy, Ruptly, March, 8th, 2020,  .jpg

And I sincerely think they are right: when the European Union was founded, it was on the principle that ALL our borders will be open.

Closing one of them, as did Hungary, is a violation of human rights.

As a consequence, now, Syrian refugees are treated as criminals. Sending teargaz is used by the police to avoid riots  by thugs in demonstrations. By doing this, we treat migrants like thugs.

Shall I recall that some of them are children and pregnant women?

The first Turkish policy, which was to open its border with Greece, was human: by closing it, Erdogan  reverse a human treatment of Syrians.

And Greece is violating the Convention on Refugees.

I will be short, but for me, Europe must welcome people who flee a country destroyed by nine years of war.

Sending them back to their homeland is pure murder. We all know how Assad and his accomplices are bombing and torturing them.

If you agree with me, please share this post on your social networks.

And if there is a protest in favor of Syrians near you live, please attend it; there is none where I live.

This post is my personal protest in favor of migrants.



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