Coronavirus in the Middle-East

Everyone knows that Iran is the country where the coronavirus is spreading without efficiency from the government.

But the coronavirus is present today in the whole Middle-East, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).The reader can find below an interactive map of the virus worldwide:

It appears from it that the virus has spread in the Middle-East, in lands not so closed to Iran.

And some Arab daylies provide fresh news on the issue: for instance,”Arab News ” is a good media for updates;according to this source, the virus is now in Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia, Arab News, March, 7th, 2020,

It is also in countries of  MENA such as Egypt, and so on.

Coronavirus Map in the Middle-East, March, 7th, 2020, .png

But the problem in these territories is , as in Iran, the lack of efficiency from the government. Medicines and masks are not given to the public, to protect themselves. Saudi Arabia seems an exception, from this photo; I have doubts that the whole population is protected, and not only the wealthiest ones.

As a consequence, human rights are at stake. Without protection, people die from the coronavirus.

Of course, Human Rights Organizations have warmed us of this; the best sources are, as usual, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.On social networks, especially Twitter, you can follow the dayli news on the coronavirus in the Middle-East.

I know that this post is very short, but I write it because now everyone is focused on Iran: other countries are forgotten, and we must not forget the crisis there.

In conclusion, if you are on Twitter, please follow Human Rights Watch and RT their tweets on the coronavirus in MENA.


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