Idlib: a new peace plan?

Turkey and Russia have announced a ceasefire in Idlib.

It is the breaking new on this region, but the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has doubts on its efficiency.

You can read below their opinion on it, as put on their site.

I quote them because they are a reliable source of information, unlike other media.

Idlib, Syian Observatory for Human Rights, March, 6th, 2020, jpg

Idlib’s ceasefire: Russians and regime jets halt airstrikes since ceasefire came into effect, and several shells break uneasy calm

 March, 6th, 2020.

SOHR sources say that uneasy calm has prevailed throughout the area, eight hours after the new ceasefire came into effect in the area of “Putin-Erdoğan”, stretching from northeastern Latakia Mountains to northwestern suburbs of Aleppo city through rural Hama and Idlib.

Regime and Russian jets have suspended aerial operations over the area since the ceasefire agreement came into effect. In the first three hours of the ceasefire, uneasy calm has been broken, where regime forces and jihadist groups exchanged rocket-propelled grenades on frontlines in Saraqeb countryside, east of Idlib city.

While regime forces fired several shells on areas in Al-Abzamo and Taqad in western Aleppo countryside, Al-Fatira and Al-Bara in Jabal al-Zawiya, followed by uneasy calm in the area.

The Syrian Observatory has not documented any casualties since the new ceasefire came into effect.


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