Lebanese protests continue

Lebanese protests continue, to  demand a sparation of the State and of the religion.

Protests in Lebanon, November, 17th, 2019, You can see on this a very good video of Human Rights Watch.

Clearly, it  would mean the end of the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

The Prime Minister has resigned, but it is not sufficient to end the crisis in this country.Lebanes PM quits amid Popular protests, You Tube, Nobember, 17th, 2019, .jpg

Of course, the young generation wants to live in a good land , not amid trash and  bankruptcy. This latest is the main character of the economy of Lebanon since years and years…Demonstrators hold banners and chant slogans during ongoing anti-government protests in Hazmiyeh

Moreover, the fact that the Hezbollah is spreading terrorism in the whole region is desapproved by the demonstrators.

I have writtten a post yesterday to recall that the young generation is ignoring the Civil War. For them, it belongs to History . Of course, they were born after its end .lebanon-protest-Free Malaysia Today, November, 17th, 2019, , pg

However, the consequences of it are still alive in the economy of Lebanon. It is still a divided country .

And the Hezbollah is adding fire to this fire.

To sum up, we can only hope that these protestors obtain success.will-a-new-government-end-unrest-in-lebanon., Post of Asia, November, 17th, 2019, jpg.jpg

Their demands are right: a free  and united country, with a good economy,and  a free expression.


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