#Lebanon #Lebanon Protests

The Lebanese newspaper “L’Orient Le Jour” published yesterday a very good article on the actual protests.

Moreover , it provides an analysis with all the references made today to the Civil War.

At a time when the Lebanese demonstrations are so actual, you can read it here :https://www.lorientlejour.com/article/1195125/les-references-a-la-guerre-civile-simple-rhetorique-ou-risque-reel-.html?

I apologize to my international readers: the dayli is written in French; but you can go to the “Translate” plugin  to read it in your own language.

Furthermore,  Human Rights Watch realized a report  written in English ; here it is: There is a Price to Pay. The criminilazation of speech in Lebanon, HRW, November, 5th, 2019,

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