End the Afghan War!

End the Afghan War !

It has cost so many lives.Afgan War Casualty report, NYT, October 2019, November, 11th, 2019, pg

This picture is property of the “New York Times”

As I write these lines, I know that Americans are honoring their veterans.Afgan War Veterans Day, Detroit News, November, 11th, 2019_

Veterans of the Afgan War, November, 11th, 2019

The Library of Congress wants to hear every veteran 's story, Colorado Public Radio, November, 11th, 2019, .jpg

But they are numerous; and cemeteries are, so.

Now, the Taliban are attacking the USA , as Trump has promised to end this war.Taliban attacks test Trump as he seeks to end the Afghan War, Military Times, November, 11th, 2019.jpg

But I don’t trust Trump.

No, I don’t trust him anyway. He lied to Americans since the beginning of his mandate.

So, his promise to end the Afghan War is false, I think: it is, as the other ones .

Moreover, we now know by Human Rights Watch that the CIA has backed the Afghan paramilitary forces since the beginning of the conflict.

And Human Rights Watch is a reliable source of information; you can find here their report on this.Afghanistan, They’ve Shot many like this, HRW, October, 29th, 2019,

It is also the photo of my header.

So, as a human rights activist, I write these very few lines to say: end the Afghan War!

To sum up, as  Trump will not end it, I hope that the next President will do this.

And as far as I am concerned, I trust the Democrat Party to end it .

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