Trump’s Presidency: as Orwell’s 1984

Trump’s Presidency seems to me as Orwell’s 1984.

In effect, with his  facial recognition , it looks similar as the famous sentence: “Big Brother is watching you”.

And the facial recognition is not his only measure like this:  journalists lost freedom in their work, according to Amnesty and Pen America.

Although I am not American, I like to read American papers, especially  “The Nation”: it represents the Left. In these times, it’s good to have independent news.

In my homeland, I vote for the Left.

But Big Brother is watching electors of color, so that they can’t vote.

Yes, under Trump , people of color are harassed dayli. They are, as Native Americans, and Muslims.

Of course, if you read regularly this blog, you know my opposition to the Muslim Ban and to ICE.

I am opposed to it, because it is pure  injustice to “watch” people who flee dictatorships in search of asylum ; and this, only because they are Muslims.

As a Muslim myself, I cannot enter the US territory, even to visit it for holidays.

So, harassing people who are fleeing dictatorships such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, and many other countries, is an aweful policy.

Trump is watching your ID . Big Brother is wanting your freedom.

And, in these times of elections, Big Brother must be impeached before eveything.

To sum up, Orwell’s 1984 has never been so real since its publication.

We must read it again and again  to wake up from this nightmare.



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