#Save Idlib , #Eyes On Idlib, #Save Syrian Refugees

#Save Idlib. #Eyes On Idlib. #Save Syrian Refugees.

In effect, Idlib is still under attack, both by Assad and Russia .

Even the White Helmets are shelled https://youtu.be/NgnQkMjkFvghttps://youtu.be/NgnQkMjkFvg

I write these very few lines to raise awareness on the issue.

Despite the fact that ISIS  has no more leader, Syrians have to fear powerful ennemies: as usual, Assad, Russia and Iran, but also the fact that Turkey sends refugees back to war zones. Even Iraq does the same policy than Turkey.Iraq announces return of 45 000 people to military zones, Middle East Monitor, November,6th, 2019,

This is unacceptable : Turkey should be an asylum zone for Syrian refugees. There is a petition on  the site of Amnesty against this. This is a petition of Amnesty.fr, but I think you can sign it in your own language:


Amnesty has published a report against this. I want to give it in this post.Amnesty report on Syrians in Turkey, October, 28th, 2019, pdf

Yes, I want, because Turkey helped to behead the leader of ISIS . Islamic-State-Baghdadi-Last-Days., with Turkey, The National, November, 6th, 2019, jpg

Moreover, it was first the responsible for the first Peace Agreements.

And now, its behavior is a total negation of what it was . We all expected a peace agreement, but nothing was found.

As usual, the United Nations did nothing.

As I write this, bombs are falling on Idlib and Aleppo .They are on the whole Syrian territory.Assad shells White Helmet center in Aleppo, November, 6th, 2019, jpg.jpg

This is a White Helmet center in Aleppo, targeted by Assad.

As a human being, and a human rights activist, I feel revolted .

I feel , when I think of civilians,  killed , including kids.Russia kills 3 kids, Middle East Monitor, November, 6th, 2019, pg

(Most of pictures in this post are under copyright of the “Middle East Monitor”.)

I feel, because these kids should be mine.

If you feel the same, please share on your social media.

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