Trump’s impeachment is close

As announced by all US sources, Trump’s impeachment is close now.

And I am happy of it, for his presidency was a disaster for America and the whole world.

Yes, as a human rights activist and defender, I want to share this new on my blog.

You can find below a video of CNN about Trump’s obstruction of justice:

Moreover, you can  read a reliable report about files of the FBI on Trump’s lies. They were collected by CREW: CREW-Doc-Release-September-30-2019.

As far as I am concerned, I think that enough proofs have been found to impeach Trump.

But now, it’s up to  Congress to do it.

And the GOP are a real obstruction in this path.

Despite this, people demonstrate their discontent: Protest against Trump, October, 29th, 2019,

I am sorry that this photo is so little; it seems like a stamp.

However, it shows how Americans are fed up of Trump now.

But we have a chance that Speaker Pelosi keeps strong on her position.

In effect, her team continues the investigation: Trump impeachment latest news, NYT, October, 29th, 2019, jpg.jpg

Now, as updated by the “New York Times”, all persons close to Trump are under inquiry. This photo is property of this paper.

As a consequence, Trump’s  impeachment is really coming soon.

And if there is no “witch hunt” from the GOP, Trump shall be unable to be elected   twice in 2020.

If impeached, it will be his last mandate.

This is really a good new.

If you agree, please share.

I am so happy to  write these few lines.

As I care for human rights, I do think that Trump is a danger for them.

And for all the lies he is responsible for, since his election, he must be impeached.



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