Kids in Idlib are starving because of Trump

I will be short: kids are starving in Idlib because of Trump.Kid of Syria today, Syria Awareness Campaign, October, 16th, 2019,

As we don’t have many reliable sources of information, all of these in this post are provided by the Syrian National Coalition, and the Syrian opposition in general.

The US withdrawal is a disaster for Syrians.

It opens clearly the door for the victory of Assad, after 8 years of Revolution.

Assad's soldiers with Turkish ones, France 24 , October, 16th, 2019,

Trump is also responsible for the possible attacks of the returnees of ISIS in their homeland.

As I write these very few lines, I am in anger against this disastrous policy.

Trump is to blame for a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

Now, it is up to the Syrian National Coalition, and the Syrian Free Army, to fight alone, against Assad , Iran, Russia, and ISIS. As a hope, I put this photo as my header.

I know that this post is very brief, but forgive me: I wrote it only to claim my anger against Trump’s policy.

If you share this feeling, please share.


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