Ahmed Mansoor is in his second hunger strike

Ahmed Mansoor is still on hunger strike: it is his second one.

Since the beginning of his imprisonment, his conditions of detention are strictly contrary to human rights , say the UAE defenders of them.

In effect, he has been subject to solitary confinement, and has been tortured.

Before he was jailed, he was only a lawyer, and a human rights activist in his country.

This situation dures now since 2017, even if he has been awarded of the Vaclav Avel Prize for his fight for justice.

However , the United Nations have called for his release, and the UAE organizations in favor of human rights have fought for him.

But this was unefficient. He is sentenced to 10 years of prison.

The UAE authorities stay strong on their position, and keep him in prison without reason.

Yes, I write without reason, because  advocating for human rights is not a delict. It is a right .

As I am subscribed to the newsletter of the organizations fighting for his liberation, I write this short post in solidarity with them.

I know that I have written many other ones,  but nobody shall be jailed for his opinion.

Free speech is a human right, whatever the country.

Of course, as often , it is an activism post.

But I want to raise awareness on his second hunger strike. He began it in protest against his solitary confinement, and the indifference of the world now towards his cause.

Yes, I know, as a blogger, that some of my posts are shared, and others are not.

The shared ones are about Syria, Iran, and breaking news.

What happens in the world , even important, such as Yemen, Tunisia, Algeria, are not.

In 2017, the imprisonment of Ahmed Mansoor created scandal.

And now we are obliged to conclude that it is no more the case.

But a man s ‘ life and freedom are at stakes.

So, please, raise your voice for his release.

On Twitter, the hashtag is #Free Ahmed.

I invite you to join this campaign, because it is important.




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