The rise of populism and Islamophobia today

We are attendind a worldide growing populism , and its most popular ally, Islamophobia.

Of course, in the USA, Trump ‘s policy is the best representant of this shameful behavior.

But in Europe, too, Islamophobia is growing.Islamophobia in Europe, Middle East Eye, October, 5th, 2019,,

As a Muslim myself, I am disturbed by this, and I want to raise awareness for other ones.

I live in a country where free expession is a right, and all religions equal.

But I live in a neighborhood where people are racist. When I pray, I hear them shouting “to death”.

So, where is freedom of expression in these conditions?

Because of their behavior, I became again a member of the Licra, and I follow it on Twitter, @Licra.

This organization is old, and can be trusted. It was founded in 1927.

It opposed to nazism and antisemitism . It opposed to the racism of French after the Algeria War.

And now, it continues its fight against racism, Islamophobia, and antisemical behaviors.

Unlike in the USA, in France, there are no popular protests against Islamophobia.muslim-protest-against-islamophobia, October, 5th, 2019, jpg.jpg

No to Trump,Democracy Now, October, 5th, 2019, jpg

Protest against Islamophobia, The University of Brithis Columbia, October, 5th, 2019, jpg

And people vote for the far-right : Marine Le Pen has never been so high in our elections. Elections after elections, the results are a disaster for our old democracy.

I write ” a disaster” because she wants a country founded on White Supremacy, and the Christian religion only.

As a consequence, other religions will have no freedom of expression. And she wants to expel whoever is not born in the homeland: Arabs, and so on.

In my region she has high results at every elections: in effect, the population who votes for her is not open minded; they are simplistic; and so, they are racist, because they can’t understand other culures.

It seems to me that it is the same type of people who voted for Trump.

Her program is similar:” to make us great¬† again” by isolating us of the world: no more asylum right, for instance; it would be a “French Muslim Ban”.

Only thinking of it, I can’t bear it.

I can’t, as a Muslim, and as a human rights defender and activist.

I am proud to be Muslim, and I am proud to be member of Amnesty and of  the UNHCR. I am , too, to fight the racism with the @Licra.

At a time when the Impeachment of Trump is close, and the next elections in the USA, too, please, if you want to repeal the MuslimBan , share this.

Share this, because in Europe, too, there is no “Muslim Ban”, but Muslims live amidst hate.



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