Russian crimes in Syria by the numbers

Today, the Syrian National Coalition and the Syrian Network for Human Rights published reports on Russian crimes in Syria. Of course, the photo of the header is property of the Syrian Network for Human Rights.


And these ones are numerous. They are unacceptable.

On a dayli basis, Russia bombs Syrian civilians, including kids.

Since  2011, Russian weapons have destroyed schools, hostipals, homes, crops.

Clearly, this means that Russia is responsible for war crimes, for having bombed civilians.

And it also means that all the supplies of civilians have been shelled.

This constitutes a blatant violation of all the international laws: under these ones, civilians must be protected in  time of war.

Shall I recall that Russia has vetoed 13 times the peace process at the UN Security Council?

Yes, it is now the 13th Russian veto!

Of course, Russia is more powerful in weaponry than Assad.

So, it is its first supplier.

Iran, too, has many arms. But it shares the responsibility for war crimes by its propaganda against the Syrian Opposition. It is the same with the Lebanese Hezbollah.

In both cases, Iran and Hezbollah, it is  religious propaganda, fueling the Islamic State.

Unlike this, Russia supports Assad for diplomatical reasons. Putin has political  and economical interests in the region of MENA against the USA. This part of the world, Syria, Iraq, and so on, is the last where oil remains.

It is a shame, but for Russia, oil matters more than human rights.

Moreover, in the Sykes -Picot Agreements, Russia had a place in this region.-Sykes-Picot.

It lost it at the Independence of all these countries.

Please raise your voice against this Russian slaughter.

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