2011-2019: 8 years of Assad’s crimes

2011-2019: 8 years of Assad’s crimes.

And counting…

As the Syrian Revolution is entering its 9th year, the Syrian National Coalition posted on You Tube a very short video recalling us all Assad’s crimes.

And I write this post to share it, because of the indifference of the world facing these crimes.

For all these crimes, Assad shall be judged by the ICC at the Hague.

We now have enough evidences: war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide for having exterminated his own population.

The report published by Human Rights Watch after the “Ceasar Report”, is a proof of these crimes against humanity.Syria If the dead could speak HRW, 2015, Caesar’s photos

It shows photos taken by a former photographer of Assad. HRW-, Ceasar Report, and crimes against humanity of Assad,September,28th, 2019, pg


When it was first published, it made scandal.

But now, years after, most people are focused on breaking news. And I a am ashamed of this behavior.

Yesterday, as my original posts were neither read nor shared, I wrote a duplicated content .

And I am amazed that it was liked .

I did it in anger and in shame.

I did it because people are no more interested in the suffering of Syrians.

Please, if you care, share this one, because since 2011 up to now, Syrians are slaughtered by Assad.




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