Impeachment enquiry has started NOW

Impeachment enquiry has started now.

Speaker Pelosi has announced it clearly:



And I am happy to write these few lines, because I always agreed that Trump  was a liar and a crook.

As   I read the news on American papers, such as Alternet, I was very proud of it.

From my point of view, Trump is the worse President of the USA since Nixon.

So, as Nixon, he must be impeached.

In effect, the 2016 elections were not true, because of a Russian hacking , revealed by the Mueller Report.

And this is treason.

Since the beginning of his mandate, he is responsible for treason because of this.

To that lie, we must add that he didn’t “Make America Great Again”.

Unlike this, his racism made America little, because it lost its traditionnal values of asylum.

By closing the US territory to refugees coming from dictatorships in the Middle-East, under the only reason they are Muslims, now the slogan written on Miss Liberty has no meaning.

Moreover, he tried to abolish Roe Versus Waden in many States.

Many  workers had no increase of their salaries, as he promised in his campaign.It is worse if they are people of color. In this case, they are harassed by their CEO in their workplace.

In fact,his whole policy is founded on hate and racism.

As a foreigner, this is not for me the American values: these of welcoming refugees, of negotiating peace at the United Nations.

I know this is a very short post, but it’s now night time in my zone.

I write only this post to claim my happiness to see Trump impeached .

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