Putin is still bombing Khan Sheikhoun

Putin is still bombing Khan Sheikhoun.

And, of course, it is not the first time. I remember having written about this .

Moreover, he vetoed once more a Resolution at the United Nations, about Idlib: it is the 13th Russian veto at the UN on Syria!

This information is reliable, for it comes from the Syrian National Coalition itself: the interim government of free Syria.

The Coalition put recenly on You Tube a video to raise awareness on the crimes of Assad and Putin:

These actions, which mean the veto and the bombing of Khan Sheikhoun, add to the long list of war crimes committed by Putin.

Of course, we all know that most weaponry of the Syrian Regime depends on Russia, which is more powerful.

To prove these war crimes in the zone of Idlib and its governorate, the Syrian Network for Human Rights has collected satellite images of them. Satellite_Images_Obtained_by_SNHR_Prove_the_Extent_of_Massive_Destruction_Inflicted_on_Khan_Sheikhoun_City_en

And Khan Sheikhoun is an important part of this governorate, in a strategical point of view.As we can see in this report, it is the city where the bombs fall massively.

I know that it is a very short post, but I write it  because the repeated shelling of Khan Sheikhoun constitutes a war crime under international law.

For this, and for having vetoed the peace process at the UN for the 13th time, raise your voice on social media in favor of a free Syria against Assad and his accomplices: Putin, Iran , and the Lebanese Hezbollah.

I invite you to share this post. I wrote it because of my revolt facing these war crimes.Civilians shall never be hostages in conflict zones, according to the Geneva Conventions.

And since 2011, Assad and his allies trap civilans , slaughter and torture them.Demanding_sanctions_on_Russian_and_Iranian_companies_and_preventing_them_from_any_contribution_to_reconstruction_en

To war crimes, they add crimes against humanity.

The shelling of Khan Sheikhoun is a war crime and shall be condemned like this.

So, if you care of human rights, please share. Sharing is caring.

We cannot attend these events and be bystanders.

So, please, share on your social networks.

Khan Sheikhoun is once more shelled. Can we bear that ? NO.



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