ALERT: Islamophobia is growing worldwide

Islamophobia is growing worldwide.

And this is an ALERT for all of us who are Muslims, but also  for all human rights defenders.

Of course, in the USA, with the Muslim Ban, Muslims are harassed dayli.

And people living in dictatorships such as Syria, Iran , and so many more, cannot find a shelter in the US territory.  Since Trump’s election, all his policy towards Muslims is a disaster: it is founded on pure racism.Islamophobia under Trump, September, 19th, 2019, jpg

Now, as the elections of November are close, protests are numerous against him .No Muslim Ban, ACLU, September, 15th, 2019,

As far as I am concerned, I am happy and proud of it.

But Islamophobia is growing in Europe, too. I live in Europe, and I am victim of it.

As a Muslim, I am harassed by my neighbors when I pray, or when I speak Arabic with my friends.

Unlike in the USA, people in France are bystanders. There is no solidarity with you in that case.

Demonstrations are rare: the latest I know was in 2016, before an  embassy in Paris. And if you don’t live in Paris, don’t count on nobody , save the Muslim community, of course.A protester holds a sign which reads Islamophobia is not freedom outside the French Embassy in London on August 25, 2016 (AFP)., September, 19th, 2019, jpg

I think it is because we don’t have the same history than the USA; we did not know 9/11 and the Patriot Act.Protest against Islamophobia, Madison 365, September, 19th, 2019,

So, we never lived behind the Bush .Forgive me, it’s not a joke. Millions of American Muslims are prosecuted since this date, because of the so-called “War on Terror”.

But we knew , in 1962, the end of the Algeria War. Since this, millions of French think that Arabs are ennemies of French.

And this is history. I was not born when this War finished in 1962.

So, I don’t understand this remaining racism towards Arabs and Muslims.

Why Muslims are prosecuted in my homeland?

In France, it is contrary to the Constitution, where free expression is a right.

By the same, in the USA, it is the 1st Amendement.

In both cases, harassing Muslims is  contrary to the law.

So, we are right to defend our right to pray, to go the Mosque.

And Trump’s Muslim Ban shall be reversed , I hope, by the next President.

If you agree with me, please share this post, and tweet your leaders to act in favor of Muslims.

Under the law, all religions are equal.

Please raise your voice for us, because it is a blatant injustice towards us.

Of course, as often, it is an activism post. But I want to raise awareness before this .

Islamophobia should never exist, in any country .

Free expression is a human right.

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  1. Thank you very much for this insightful and interesting post. I have just published an article on my blog about the danger of Islamophobia and its impact on society. If you have time, I would be really intrigued to hear your thoughts and opinions on my post! Thanks 🙂

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