#VoteBlue to end the Muslim Ban

Vote Blue to end the Muslim Ban.

By this way, you will repeal ICE, this unjust law voted by Trump.

For millions of Muslims who want to flee dictatorships, Trump is a nightmare.2017_2_4-protest-Trumps-muslim-ban,Middle East Monitor, September, 15th, 2019,

Yes, he is for Syrians, for Iranians, and many more.

And since the election of Trump, his policy is a disaster towards the Middle-East and the Muslim World.

Most agree on this point of view.

As I write this post, protests are numerous across the USA against ICE and the Muslim Ban.Muslim Ban protest, September, 15th, 2019, jpg

Some are organized by the ACLU, but some are spontaneous. No Muslim Ban, ACLU, September, 15th, 2019,

And I am happy of this, as a Muslim myself, and a human rights activist.

As the elections are close now, the stakes are high: the GOP will not repeal the Muslim Ban.

Unlike this, they will continue the same politics they began in 9/ 11 with the so -called “War on Terror”.

In fact, this is a war towards Muslims and the asylum right.

Since ICE and the Muslim Ban were voted into law, the slogan written on Miss Liberty has mo meaning : the USA no more welcome “the poors, the harassed…”Miss Liberty afterb 9, 11, September, 15th, 2019,

If they are Muslim, they can’t find a shelter in the US territory: Trump locked it to refugees from the Middle-East.

From my point of view, this is a blatant injustice, and a violation of human rights committed by Trump.

So, although I am not American, I am all eyes on the campaign. On the result of these elections depend the fate of Muslims worldwide.

We cannot forget that many are only seeking asylum.

Moreover, the USA were built on a long tradition of welcoming foreigners.

On posters in protests, we can read ” Deport Trump”.Deport Trump, Organization for World Peace, September, 15th, 2019, jpg

Yes, the Muslim Ban an ICE must be abolished, and I even think that Trump must be impeached before the end of his mandate. He lied to all Americans.

Since the beginning of his election,  his policy was only in favor of White ; he deprived  people of color, Latinos, and Native Americans of all their rights.

Towards Muslims, he is a disaster by his whole policy :

By the Muslim Ban, and ICE, in the US land.

By recognizing Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.

By leading a useless coalition in Syria; it was without effect on the ground, and the money should have been employed to increase the salaries of American workers.

As a conclusion, I would be happy to see a progressive President of the USA in November: a President who cares of the Middle-East, and abolishes ICE.








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