ISIS is taking revenge in Al-Hol Camp

ISIS is taking revenge in Al Hol Camp.

This refugees camp is forgotten, but it could be the birthplace of ISIS now.

Yes, we claimed victory in the West by mistake when we said : ISIS is dead.

Unlike this, it is not.

It has takenĀ  civilians of the Al Hol Camp in hostages.

Their fate is at stake.

Women, especially, suffer of this extremism. And they testimony facing the reporters of CNN of their conditions of life.

Of course, we all know that ISIS is a terrorist movement.

The USA promised to help to save Syrians from this terrorism . But with Trump’s disastrous policy, they failed.

So did the UN.

As a consequence, Syrians in Al Hol are trapped under ISIS’s power, in a precarious camp, without access to food, water , or healthcare. It is a shame on Western countries.

I want only share with you my indignation before this behavior.

Pictures are rare. I didn’t find many on Google .Moreover, they are little as a stamp .Syria-al-hol-isis-, IBEX, September, 13th, 2019,

A forgotten camp in Syria could be the birhtplace of ISIS, September, 13th, 2019, jpg

Yes, the flag of ISIS is on this Camp.

I remember having written a post on the defeat of ISIS. I am ashamed. As many people living in the West, I was deceived.

ISIS is well alive. And it is taking revenge on poor civilians in a Camp where they lack of everything.

I only write this short post to raise awareness on them.

If you care, please share.

Don’t forget them.

And sharing is caring.

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