Bring Assad to the ICC, asks HRW

Bring Assad to the ICC, asks Human Rights Watch .

I a recent tweet, Kenneth Roth, the founder and CEO of the human rights organization , claims for this.

In effect, under the photos of the Caesar Report, discovered in 2015, Assad is responsible for crimes against humanity .Syria If the dead could speak HRW, 2015, Caesar’s photos

When they were revealed to the public, they made scandal.

It was a shock for the opinion.

But now, nobody cares of the events in Syria. In breaking news, American elections, Trump’s tantrums, and the recent crisis in Kashmir,  interest only the public.

However, we cannot ignore that Syria is still under Assad’s dictatorship. And Idlib is the last resistance to him .

Hospitals are shelled daily.

Meanwhile, civilians die in a perfect indifference.

So, facing this, we cannot be bystanders.

The revolt is still living, and protesters prosecuted.

I know this is a very short post, but it’s night time in my zone, and I write it to raise awareness on Idlib .

I wrote many posts untitled “Assad to the ICC” and so on. On Twitter, I created this hashtag to express my revolt .

And, yes, I still believe that with the proofs of the Caesar Report, Assad should be sent to the ICC for crimes against humanity.

To sum up, if you think the same, share this post on your social media.

And express your solidarity with Idlib with the hashtaghs #Eyes On Idlib and #Save Idlib.

You can also follow the Twitter account @EyesOnIdlib .

I do .

Yes, bring Assad to the ICC for all his crimes.







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