#Children In Cages: no more

#Children In Cages : no more.

I write this, because Trump’s racism is unbearable. His  behavior towards migrants is purely inhumane.

As a proof of this, he separates kids from their families and put them in prison.ICE-DACA-Protests-Trump-AP-IMG, The Nation , September 19, 2017

This photo is property of “The Nation”.

Yes, since ICE was signed into law by his government, children are treated as potential criminals.

So, as a human rights activist concerned by this, I ask : are we allowed to treat kids as criminals ?

Of course, for me, the answer is NO.

The recent shooting of El Paso, a tragedy which made many victims, was made by a young man who could buy a gun without problem. HE is a criminal and a terrorist.

And he is ,for he is responsible for a mass shooting, which made casualties. But he had the full protection of the NRA.

And migrants, asylum seekers, what are they responsible for?

For fleeing war in their homeland.  It is the case of Syrians, of Iranians; these latest are not safe because they live in a religious dictatorship.  Syrians are daily slaughtered  by Assad and Russia. Because of all these reasons, it is normal they want to live in an old democracy like the USA.

Moreover, the history of the USA is built on migrations. All Americans are migrants, save the Native Americans.

So, I write this post against Trump’s cruelty. Yes, it is pure cruelty to jail kids.

In effect, no child should be treated like a criminal or a terrorist.

And Trump does.

But now, this policy has become so unpopular that protests are numerous across the USA, against ICE and Trump.Familyrally against ICE in NJ,August, 8th, 2019,  .jpg

Protest against ICE, August, 8th, 2019, Blog Talk Radio, jpg

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For this only reason, I am happy .

Demonstrations are organized by the ACLU or other associations. But sometimes they are spontaneous.

The right to express in public his own opinion is the 1st Amendment.

And people use it against ICE and Trump, in this time close to the elections.

Unlike this, in my homeland, people rarely demonstrate. They express their discontent by voting for the far-right. This is dangerous.

Protesting is better. Trump deserves nothing more than : either impeachment, or to be largely defeated, I hope.

Kids are not terrorists. Cartoonists tell it in the media.

For now, Miss Liberty no more welcomes asylum seekers. Trump has locked the territory to them.Political_cartoon_u.s._statue_of_liberty_crown_of_gun_barrels_mass_shootings_-_tom_curry., The Week, August, 8th, 2019, jpg.jpg

As migrants who can apply for a visa and a Green Card, only the prestigious HB1 is available with Trump’s policy. Artists, movie-makers, writers, can apply for  a Green Card and a visa.

But for people fleeing wars or dictatorships, Trump found only ONE solution: prison.

And he did even for children.

If you feel revolted, like me, by this policy, please tweet your  opposition with the hashtag  #Children In Cages; or #Caged Children.

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