Raise your voice for Idlib

Raise your voice for Idlib.

For today, Assad committed an another massacre in this city and in Khan Sheikhoun.Assad bombs Khan Sheikhoun, July, 7th, 2019, Orient News, jpg.jpg

This photo is property of Al Jazeera.

And everytime I go on my Twitter account, I have noticed these posts are no more shared, save by rare human rights activists.

Now, everybody is focused on the American elections.

As a consequence, Idlib is dying in an absolute indifference.

Please remember that it is the last place of the Resistance to Assad. So, keep your #Eyes On Idlib.syrian-forces-resume-military-operations-against-rebels-in-northwestern-idlib-indus-news-July, 7th, 2019, jpg

This one, is under copyright of Orient News.

You can do it by using this hashtag : #Eyes On Idlib.

And you can do by sharing this post.

I write it because I feel strongly revolted by this indifference.

And I am, too, by Assad’s genocide . Since 2011, he is responsible for exterminating his own people.

Moreover, he benefits of the complicity of Iran and Russia.

Furthermore, just as now, Turkey, which was protecting Syrians, is on the break to declare a war to Syria.

I do thing enough is enough.

The Astana Talks were signed under Turkish protection, and it is the only  available peace agreement.

If Turkey breaks them, where the situation of Syrian will go?  Until hell on earth ?

This is a very short post, but it’s night time in my zone. Despite this, I want to raise awareness on the situation in Idlib and Khan Sheikhoun.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights recorded still arrests and enforced disappearance  in July: in them, as usual, are women and kids.At_least_589_cases_of_arbitrary_arrests_in_Syria_in_July_2019_en

Can we bear this and do nothing?

Surely NO.

Shame on us if we are bystanders . We will be responsible for our silence.

Yes, we will be as the UN : unefficient.

As a conclusion, I want to recall you the words of Malcom X Junior: “At the end , we will not remember the words of our ennemies, but the silence of our friends.”

So, please, even if the American elections are important, raise your voice for Idlib.

We all know that Trump is unfit to be President. We can only hope that the next one will be more human , especially towards the Middle-East.

Looking for this, don’t forget Idlib. It is dying under Assad’s bombs.

Raise your voice for Idlib and Khan Sheikhoun.

#Eyes On Idlib .






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