Idlib is once more under Russian bombs #Eyes On Idlib

Idlib is once more under Russian bombing.

When   will stop this Russian complicity ?

In an amazing silence, Assad, Iran and Putin are  slaughtering Syria.Clashes-intensify-south-of-idlib-syrian-regime-claims-advance-, July, 30th, 2019,

They are focusing on Idlib, the last resistance to Assad.

Now, the world no more cares of the suffering of the Syrian people.

I write this very short post to speak out against this indifference. The video of Al Jazeera  says it well: even the United Nations don’t act for Syria. We all know that they are unefficient .

Below is a brief video of Al Jazeera , in English. Although it only takes 3 minutes to listen to , I want to give it to you.

In it, Syrian doctors testimony of the situation in Idlib.

Movies  and pictures are worth a thousand words .Idlib and its  region are once more under Russian bombs.Humanitarian situation in Idlib, SAMS, July, 30th, 2019, png

Now, inhabitants of Idlib can only try to flee to the Turkish border. But, most often, they are trapped in camps, such Al Rukban.

In Idlib, their rescue, as usual, are the White Helmets, saving lives amidst the rubble .

White Helmet in Idlib, July, 30th, 2019, png.png

I know this picture is little as a stamp, but if you’re a blogger, select “All pictures”.

If you choose” big ones,” you obtain these…

We are not allowed to be indifferent to this carnage. Idlib and Hama, about 800 dead in 3 months, International News, July, 30th, 2019,

In Idlib and Hama, 800 dead in only 3 months , according to Opposition sources: can we stand this without acting?

We will  be responsible for our silence .

Silence is complicity. I will not be a bystander. So, please , don’t be. Share this post for Idlib .

This blog is dedicated to fight for human rights.

So, today, as Idlib is bombed once more by Russia, I write these very few lines for Idlib and its civilians.

#Eyes On Idlib .



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