White Helmets of Idlib #Eyes On Idlib

The UN warmed  recently of a  humanitarian disaster in Idlib .

You will find the video below:

But if truth matters to you, here is the last report of the Syrian Network for Human Rights: Idlib_and_surrounding_areas_have_been_under_indiscriminate_shelling_for_11_weeks_and_the_Security_Council_is_not_moving_en

As usual, the only rescue of civilians are the White Helmets.

The United Nations, despite the warnings, do nothing.

I know that it is a very short post, but as often, it is an activism one.

Idlib is no more in the breaking news.

It dies in silence.

If, like me, you feel indignation before this, please share this post widely on your social networks.

#Eyes On Idlib.

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