Trump out of the White House

Trump out of the  White House.

Although I am not American, I feel concerned by all his broken promises: especially these about the peace in the Middle- East.

In effect, I created this blog to fight for human rights in this region.

And since his election, Trump is a real threat to MENA.

First, he didn’t end the Iraqi War. This was a promise of former President Obama, but he had no time to realize it. His mandate ended before.

Unlike Obama, Trump is a warmonger.

He sent troops in Syria, but they did nothing against Assad and his allies.

Second,  he moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, and declared the city the capital of Israel .

In clear,  he destroyed the Oslo Agreements.

And just NOW, his last tantrum is to declare war to Iran . The Iran Deal, signed by Obama, is dead.This is the third menace on peace in MENA.

Does Trump believe that he can play with peace in this region, while in the USA people struggle to have their rights back?

As I write this post, I know the stakes of the 2020 elections.Political map of the USA ahead of the 2020 elections, July, 14th, 2019, jpgGillibrand versus Trump, July, 14th, 2019,Obama versus Trump, July, 14th, 2019,Warren versus Trump, July, 14th, 2019, .jpg


Now, most people disagree with his policy. Not My President, July, 14th, 2019, jpg

The photo of the header is property of CNN.

Of course, his policy towards refugees is pure cruelty. ICE is an horror and a shame on the  USA. This country has been  built on immigration . All American are migrants , save the Native Americans.

To add to this, his Wall at the Mexican border is : costly, stupid, racist.

First, costly, because with the money of this Wall, salaries should be given a raise to 15 dollars per hour.

Second, stupid, for Mexicans worked since a long while in the farms of the South. They were cheap and hardworkers. Trump deprived the farmers of them.

Third, and it’s the worst, racist. Mexicans are painted by Trump as rapist .

As in the USA themselves, Trump governs for the wealthiest. We all know, even in Europe, that he was elected with the help of billionnaires. He favorizes Wall Street.

Meanwhile, the middle class is dead . It is, too, in Europe. This death benefits to the far-right.

Under Trump’s Presidency, Roe Versus Waden is under threat. Women march to protect it.

And all  people who are not White and Protestant are, too, menaced by his racism:Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and even the Native Americans.

In effect, the “Muslim Ban” is well -known now. The violence of the  police towards Blacks and Latinos is, too, thanks to social networks  and videos on You Tube.

But Trump also  wants  to search oil in the Sacred Lands of the Native Americans.

As every American, on Thanksgiving Day, he eats turkey in family.  But he is not thanksful to the Native Americans.

Unlike this, he is a blatant racist.

For all this reasons, and all his treasons, my conclusion is: Trump out of the White House.





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