Break the ICE

Break the ICE.

As Americans are amids the campaign for the  2020 elections, ICE is a hot  issue. Forgive me, it’s not a joke: when you enter “ICE USA’ on Google, you find law enforcement  policy, and  ice jockey  championship…

In effect, with Trump,  migrants are prosecuted by the border patrols, at the Mexican frontier.

Moreover, people who want to flee the war in the Middle East can no more, because of the Muslim Ban.

But hopefully, most Americans disapprove Trump’s policy. He locked the country to refugees.Trump and ICE, The Atlantic, July, 6th, 2019, .jpg

This photo is property of “The Atlantic”.

So, what’s of this of Miss Liberty in New York Harbor? Liberty in NYC with chains , Amnesty USA, cartoon against Trump, January, 8, 2017

As a consequence, protests against ICE  are growing.Miss Liberty, The Nation, April, 26, 2018

This picture is under copyright of “The Nation”.

As an example of ICE , you can find below a video of CNN  :

I have to recognize it’s not  breaking news; the video is dated of June, 21st, 2019.

As I write these very few lines, we are on July , 6th!

But the problem is not fixed .

Will it be with Trump at the head of the power?

My own answer is NO. He is a warmonger.  his latest tantrum is to declare war to Iran.

So, break the ICE.

And kick Trump out, for the save of America and  human rights.



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