#Idlib Resists

Idlib , the last nest of the resistance to Assad, is at the core of  a hot battle between the Regime forces and the Opposition ones.Map of Idlib , June, 10th, 2019,

Moreover, Russia is still striking on the city, and killing civilians, such as Assad.Syrie-Idlib-dernier-bastion-rebelle-redoute-un-assaut-final-des-forces-d-assad., Ouest France, June, 10th, 2019, jpg


And to add to this situation, Turkish troops have lost their influence. As we all know, Turkey had a great role in the support of the Syrian Opposition. The Idlib Agreements were signed under Turkish protection.

But now, Idlib resists in a perfect indifference.

I am ashamed to write this, but today, media no more care of the slaughter committed in Idlib by Assad and his accomplices: Russia, Iran, and the terrorist Lebanese  Hezbollah.

As often, this post is written in support of the Syrian Revolution.

And it is in support of the fighters against Assad and his mafia.

Of course, I invite you to join the movement in favor of Idlib.Bombing-Idlib-children-June, 10th, 2019,

What you can do:

Tweet the actual hashtags: #Rise4Idlib, #EyesOnIdlib.

Secondly, if you can: the Syria Awareness Campaign is organizing a fundraising to  survive; please donate to it.

And, in all cases, share this very short post on your social networks.

In effect, I have noticed that my posts were not shared on Twitter.

As I write them to support the Syrian Revolution, what utility to write for nothing?

Please be aggressive. The Syrian Revolution is at a crucial time.

They only asked for democracy, in 2011. We, who live in democracy since the 18th Century, cannot be indifferent .

The battle for Idlib is decisive. It is the future of the democracy in Syria.

So, to sum up, support it by all means.

Media are silent on this genocide. We cannot be.




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