Tiananmen, June 4th, 1989:30 years after

Tiananmen , June 4th, 1989: we will never forget this date.

The “anniversary” is today, but the repression is still going on in China.

At this time, it was called a “spring”, a hope for democracy.

But the Chinese authorities made of this peaceful protest a massacre.

And 30 years later, we know that 10 000 people have been killed in it.

Moreover, can we call an “anniversary” such a repression?

The remembrance is still living thanks to the iconic photo of “Tank Man”.

In effect, it is the picture of a single man facing the tanks of the army, in silence.

We cannot ignore the ongoing dictatorship in China.

Tiananmen is, alas, today, of a cruel actuality.

But only NGO such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch raise awareness on the violations on human rights in this country.

So, even 30 years after the massacre of Tiananmen Square, it is worth to recall that human rights activists are still imprisoned for their opposition to the power.

While writing this post, I know that today is Eid El Fitr and most of my readers and followers are focused on MENA. I don’t forget them, and the aweful situation in Syria.

But who will recall the repression of Tiananmen, 30 years ago?

Human rights are worldwide.

In this perspective, some have put videos on social networks, so that the event is not forgotten.

As I went on Twitter this morning, I saw they were ignored.

Of course, in this very moment, Assad is bombing Idlib.

But when they asked for democracy, in 1989, Chinese were so repressed on the Tiananmen Square that we cannot forget.

This post is in memory of the event.

It is a tribute to those who dared say “NO” to dictatorship on June, 4th, 1989.

As the Chinese dictatorship is going on, please share if democracy is not only a word for you.

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