Please keep your #Eyes On Idlib

Idlib and its whole region are still under bombs: Assad’s ones and these of Russia.

Even hospitals are targeted. You can tweet #NotATarget.Syrian-regime-has-damaged-or-destroyed-24-hospitals-in-deadly-Idlib-offensive, Syrian Observer, June 1st, 2019,

So, because  civilians are slaughtered daily by the Syrian Regime.Kids of Syria, June, 1st, 2019, This constitutes a war crime, according to the Geneva Conventions.

But we all know that Assad, Putin, and Iran ignore and violate all international conventions.

I have written many posts about this. But this cause is close to my heart, so I add this one.

As often, it is an activism post.

I write it in a hurry. Meanwhile, Syrians die in a perfect indifference.

But we cannot stay indifferent facing a genocide. Yes, it is a genocide.

Since 2011, Assad massacres his own population. This is a genocide in its definition.

Before our indifference, our silence, Syrian activists protest. They ask for asylum.Activists of Idlib protesting, June 1st, 2019,

As we have closed our borders to them, they demonstrate near the Turkish one.Activists in Atmeh, near the border of Turkey, June 1st, 2019, png

If you want to support their movement, the hashtag is #MarchToBreakTheBorders.

I am ashamed that our pretended “democracies” have refused asylum to Syrians.

I am, because in the Constitution of my country, the right to asylum is garantueed to people living in war zones.

Idlib is the last nest of the Resistance to Assad. Idlib resists daily.

So, please keep your #Eyes On Idlib.

This is the hashtag to use: #EyesOnIdlib.

Don’t be indifferent.

And always remember that silence kills.

Yes, now media have forgotten Syria.  Syria dies silently.

Please don’t be accomplice of this silence.

On Twitter there was a hashtag #StandUp4HumanRights.

I have created this blog for I #StandUp4HumanRights.

But today the emergency is Idlib . Speak out for them . Show your support.

So, do it using the hashtags: #EyesOnIdlib , #Rise4Idlib, and #MarchToBreakTheBorders.

To sum up, be aggressive for Idlib and  Syria against Assad.



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