#Eyes On Idlib.#Rise4Idlib

Idlib is once more under Assad’s bombs.

The shellings killed civilians, and destroyed their home.

As a consequence, some are now refugees

Syrian refugees and Law Number 10, May, 4th, 2019, The National, and the Syrian Red Crescent built for them shelters.

But these shelters are precarious. They are not in concrete. They are only tents.

Worst, international leaders ignore now the suffering of Syrians.

If you care of this disaster, please tweet your leader to act in favor of Syrians.

Of course, if you live in the USA, it is evident that Trump will not react. He is a war mongerer and a nut. So, tweet the Canadian Prime Minister.

But tweet for Idlib. The hashtags are #Eyes On Idlib and #Rise 4 Idlib.

Please tweet this.

Today Idlib cannot wait.

Remember that it is the last nest of the Resistance to Assad.

Moreover, the whole governorate resists: Kafranbel and Khan Sheikhoun. Southern Syria resists to Assad and his accomplices.

The photo of the header is the destroyed hospital of Kafranbel.

Only for this reason, Assad is targeting civilians with chemicals.

He has destroyed schools, hospitals, and killed activists of the Revolution.

More, he attacks peaceful civilians, even kids.Idlib under bombs, Marwa's account on Twitter, May 30th, 2019,

Kid of Southern Idlib, May, 28th, 2019, jpg

Before these crimes, we cannot stay bystanders.

I am #Eyes On Idlib .

I #Rise 4 Idlib .

So, I have sent a tweet to my leader, Emmanuel Macron, the French President.

In it, I  have asked him to take action for Idlib.

Here is what you can do for Idlib:

First, tweet your own leader, as I did.

Second, tweet with the hashtags #Eyes On Idlib , and #Rise 4 Idlib.

Third, now Twitter is full of Assad’s trolls. Block them for the sake of the Syrian  Revolution.

Fourth, if you can, support the Syria Campaign and the  Syrian Red Crescent. If you cannot  give them money, follow them on Twitter.

By all means, # Rise 4 Idlib.





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